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MEG & Capt Norty

This morning we toured Coombs Oyster Factory, and learnt how the spat (tiny, wee little oysters) were cared for and grew in around 2-3 years to restaurant eating size. I thought it was a matter of sticking them in their pots, and waiting until they grow. Not so………the wee oysters are actually handled about 15 times over 2-3 years – transferring to new pots with larger and larger gaps in the net, to let them move around and preclude the worm and flat worm from attacking.

Some of us had ordered Kilpatrick oysters and enjoyed an early lunch. Others ordered oyster natural to take back to the BT Central for eating later.

This afternoon we toured Courela Clothing. Established in 1988 by Noel (Grub) & Kerry Johnson, Courela Clothing has grown to be a complete Shearing Supplies Shop. This is a local success story. Located in Streaky and specialising in manufacturing shearing & work clothing. The Courela Clothing range includes Shearing trousers (Dungas), longtailed Shearer’s Singlets, lined Wool Coats, Work Trousers, Longtailed Windcheaters, Hoodies and Polar Fleece Hoodies. The product range is available in their online store.

Back at BT Central, at 3.00pm, a Q & A session was held, where we could all raise questions, and give advice, on all sorts of subjects. I had a query on the diesel heater, to which I hope I have the answer – tonight will tell.

Some similar photos are included, because they are by Stephen - the expert, and his photos are much better than mine.



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