QLD - Qld Mini Muster 2016

Arranged By: Lance R
Start Date: 16 Mar 2016
End Date: 23 Mar 2016
Updated: 17 Feb 2016
Attendance: 37


If you are planning on travelling this year why not start your journey at Standown Park bush camp/caravan park (91 Radtke Rd Kia Ora Qld 4570)
It is situated half way between Tin Can Bay and Gympie on the Tin Can Bay road in the middle of the Cooloola Coast Region. Radtke Road is directly off the Tin Can Bay road, opposite Counter Road, just 24km from Gympie and Tin Can Bay.
It is two hours from Brisbane and less than one hour from Maryborough.
To register, first contact the caravan park (07 5486 5144) and book a site in your name under the Bushtracker Owners Group. 20 sites have been allocated. 9 with power. 11 no power. Cost is $21 for power, $18 no power.
Secondly, register on the BOG Muster site tab and in the comments column put whether you have booked a powered or non-powered site.
If you have purchased a new or second hand Bushtracker and would like to know about joining the BOG, come along to our visitor open day on Saturday 19.03.2016. (Register on this muster site with visitor placed in the comments column)
This muster will be a lay-back low key social affair. Come along to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. Do as little or as much as you like.
Our programme for the week will include information sharing sessions, a buy, sell, swap table for your new or unwanted goods, demonstrations, a visit from our Sponsor - Sound in Motion (check the forum for programme updates)
Lance: 0400 953 826
Greg: 0439 867 927

Registration & Attendance (37)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
V160202 Lance R 2 Lance Ryan, Marilyn Ryan Powered. (15th-23rd)
M1081 Trenty 2 Greg Trent, Sue Trent Booked powered site 16th to 23rd
M1131 Streaky 2 Lloyd Smith, Heather Smith
M1 Turist 2 Bob Pollock, Judy Pollock
M2260 Flex Track 2 John Crane, Joyce Crane Have booked powered site check in 16 Mar check out 23 Mar. 20 foot BT 2014
M1855 trailer 2 David Clark, Lesley Clark Booked power site check in 16 mar
M1887 helco 2 Colin Heath, Helen Heath Powered site, (15th-23rd)
V161427 Bill C 2 Bill Crump, Sandra Tomlin Powered site. Bill Crump & Sandra Tomlin (16th-23rd)
V161334 Brian E 2 Brian Ebzery, Jenny Ebzery Booked Powered site 16th to 20th
M29 Bittern Foxes 2 Brian Fox, Margaret Fox Have Booked a powered site. Arrive 16 and leave 22nd
M461 MuzzaJ 2 Murray Woolnough, Judy Woolnough Have booked powered site from 16-23rd March
V161135 Bob P 2 Bob Platt, Sue Platt Arrive 15th. Depart 23rd. Powered site
M1434 jab 2 John Blamires, Julie Blamires
V161445 System Admin 2 Les Webb, Sally Black Have booked powered site
V161527 3ways 2 Frank, Ros & Ian visitors
M1281 Off Route 2 John Moore, Trish Moore 2 days only 16th and 17th
M1706 Penny n Roy 2 Roy Steinhardt, Penny Steinhardt Booked 16th - 21st March
V161430 Judith W 2 Judith Winfield, James Winfield
V160386 Viv G 1 Viv Glenister

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