QLD - Werai Park EULO SW QLD Mini Muster

Arranged By: Keechy
Start Date: 18 Apr 2017
End Date: 24 Apr 2017
Updated: 26 Apr 2017
Attendance: 34


We have a few places left...we are planning a mini muster on our cattle station “Werai Park”. Werai Park is on the eastern Rd between Eulo and Hungerford, The Carrawinya NP is on our Western boundary and has a great waterhole for fishing.
We have a wetland area next to the homestead with a walking track around it. There is a hot artesian “pool” (outback style). We have plenty of firewood easily obtainable. There will be no organised activities but 1 day we will do a bore/ tank/trough run for those who want to follow. (make sure your fuel tanks are full as no fuel available).
“Werai Park” Eulo (S/W QLD) 55ks South of EULO the road is Sand and Gravel (No problem for any van)
Dogs permitted but must be under control of their owners.
Artisian Water available which is drinkable from house.
No Rainwater.
Pit supplied for dump point
NO MOBILE service only Sat TV.
It will be bush camping, no power but generators allowed daylight hrs.
Main campfire plus plenty of firewood close by.
We will limit number of vans to 20.
Any queries (exact directions) either email iksk@bigpond.com or ph 0428 435 339.
Ian & Sheryl ( BOG Name Bonnidowns)

Registration & Attendance (34)


ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M872 Rob & Glen 2 Robert Butler, Glenda Butler Looking foward to comming
M712 Bushy & Chevy 2 Steve Bemrose, Mayleah Bemrose Would love to attend this event
M1144 Millmax 2 Richard Macks, Jan Macks
M1131 Streaky 3 Lloyd Smith, Heather Smith, Viv Glenister Please put Viv Glenister on the list as well. He doesn't know how to register!!
V161609 Warwick B 2 Warwick Baxter, Carolyn Baxter
V159935 Philip B 2 Philip Batson, Jenny Batson
M1633 PIP 2 Arthur Pippos, Ann Pippos
M2155 Gazz4b 2 Garry Ryan, Joy Ryan
M954 Harry & Jan 2 Harry Calvert, Jan Calvert Looking forward to catching up with everyone
V161405 Craig W 2 Craig Watson, Jan Watson Love to come... All things being OK we would love to catch up with all attendees. That is almost an invasion from SA... 4 attendees... LOL
M1887 helco 2 Colin Heath, Helen Heath Looking forward to seeing everyone again
M2260 Flex Track 2 John Crane, Joyce Crane
V161430 Judith W 2 Judith Winfield, James Winfield
M184 Bob Bushwacker 1 Bob Luke
M1312 Trish n Phil 2 Phil Thornburn, Trish Thornburn
M566 Barra 2 Ray Dorey, Pauline Dorey
V162316 Greg W 2 Greg Warren, Faye Warnock Are we too late? We have found ourselves within range for those dates. 0408983343 Faye and Greg

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