19/2/2004 New Solar Regulator, Battery Chargers, Air Bag Suspension

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Now on another subject, please post this, but only in its entirety, on the BOG site. Enclosed is our three new innovations in development over the last two years, and an explanation of why we cannot engage the BOG site directly... Thank you, Steven T. Gibbs, Director, Bushtracker LATEST EQUIPMENT UPDATES AND DEVELOPMENTS FROM BUSHTRACKER, AND WHY WE CANNOT ENGAGE THE BOG SITE DIRECTLY.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <o:p>Solar regulator</o:p> We have tested and are in production of our own Solar regulator that will have all the digital readout, and more LED lights for monitoring the system in all phases, plus PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and all the features of other regulators like the Plasmatronics and the Morningstar together in a more user friendly setout and in 40 amp configuration... This has been in development for over a year with Professional Electronic Engineers. The first one has been in service in my horse truck in extreme conditions since last year and is faultless and more user friendly with the readouts and constant LED for all charge and battery conditions and faults and safety mechanisms at a glance.... It is similar to the Prostar- Morningstar unit in that it has the same digital readout, but it is easier to see in red LED format so you can read it even in the dark, and it also has more functions with LED readouts below for monitoring your system at a glance...<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> <o:p>Load Sharing Air-Bag Independent suspension </o:p> We are in production of a Load Sharing Air-Bag Independent suspension, that has been in development for over a year now. It will be offered for the following advantages:<o:p></o:p> 1) Adjustable ride over a variety of conditions.<o:p></o:p> 2) Side to side leveling on an angled site.<o:p></o:p> 3) Weight savings, something around 40 kilos depending on the size.<o:p></o:p> 4) Ability to lower down to store in a shed or something for lowered height.<o:p></o:p> 5) Onboard compressor with a 20’ hose for filling tyres on van and vehicle..<o:p></o:p> We will continue to use our Standard suspension, this is just for those convinced that the Air-Bag is desirable.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <o:p>Our charger are being upgraded</o:p> Our charger are being upgraded to compensate for all faults in construction and mounting systems encountered in the last few years. The failure rate in the last six months has diminished to almost nil. We are now incorporating a memory that can be downloaded onto a handheld that will show any problems and the cause, as most of the problems in the last 12 months have been related to Customers not using the charging system properly. Many thought for instance their chargers were defective and shipped them back to us, because in playing with them they disconnected the charger and put a meter on it to find no output.... In reality there is a failsafe system on board that breaks the output when disconnected. Another problem was poor generator power output due to an inexpensive poor quality generator, or a dirty armature, or worn out or mis-adjusted power generation problems, that caused the charger to protect itself by shutting down... The new 50 amp charger will have an on board diagnostic system to tell the real problems, such as abuse of the batteries running them to low, or other mismanagement of the systems...<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> So why don't we jump into the BOG...
I still do not read the BOG site, as I am afraid of getting mired. In a chat forum it would be a full time job in consultation with well meaning people on the BOG site, and some other people that were so called and self-appointed “Experts”. No matter how well meaning, they are not the full time Professionals that we are, with hundreds and hundreds of applications and ongoing research and development on a continuing basis... We really are the Experts. But we still cannot afford the time to address all issues on a chat forum. If people have any specific questions they can contact us.. Here goes a technical explanation with examples: We cannot address the BOG site directly, as there would be to much to chase down with misconceptions, questions, partly correct or incorrect perspectives, and it would be a full time job... Like trying to explain technology to a solar provider with only a partial perspective of 240 mains charging systems that swears by the big 6 volt heavy plate golf cart batteries.. He is right by virtue of his limited application, but wrong in the larger context, because his batteries would eat nearly one full amp each to just excite the plates enough to begin accepting a charge in the solar application.... The problem is that there are to many "Experts" that all have a limited point of view lacking the broader perspective and experience in the field that we have. They may have an excellent static application experience with a piece of equipment that would not survive the rigor’s of travel on the corrugation of the Outback.... Or something else like that, they would be absolutely right for their limited perspective or application, but absolutely wrong for the broader context of the Bushtracker in the field... The BOG site for us would bog down in endless contests with well meaning people that just did not have the broad perspective and experience, but would not like to lose face with their peers and would want to argue their case.... If we did not answer the issue it would be accepted as fact, if we did answer- Half the time we would get into arguments, not because the other party was not well meaning, just lacking the broader perspective or experience or technological understanding... Like now, the question of why if our chargers are good in the Outback, do they not like some generators... I could explain on an oscilloscope the AC pattern of Hertz (frequency variation) and how our chargers will accept the slower changes on the transmission lines of the Outback of frequency and voltage variation, but not the 50 times a second of a generator with an extra spike in the peak of the individual frequency of each wave from a dirty or low grade power generation source when the charger protectively shuts itself down. The truth is that if the charger shuts itself down, they might not want to use any other electronic equipment on the dirty power source anyway, and should get the generator looked at. But I would get a hundred and forty seven more questions from people that did not know or had ever seen an oscilloscope, or did not like the answer, or did not know what hertz meant.... I just do not have the time to do that on mass, as it would be a full time job to prove it all to them..... On a continual basis.... If anyone is serious they can contact us with questions, just not on a chat forum where I would have a full time job just to chase down all the loose ends.... To many idle hands breed mischief...Ha! Kind Regards, your friends at Bushtracker.... <o:p> </o:p> <o:p> </o:p>
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