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Well now that I've sorted out my electrics.........nearly. I must pursue another anomaly. My 91 Toyota L/C is only rated at 2,500 kg according to Mr Toyota. Mr Toyota has told me that Mr Toyota( Japan) said that they were not to upgrade (pre 96) vehicles to the new 3,500kg tow capacity. I am aware that there are blokes in Qld - who can upgrade Qld registered vehicles There is also another fella in Welshman's land who , naturally will upgrade NSW vehicles Who has performed this seemingly extraordinary feat in Victoria..???? Can someone tell me where to go............... Cracker
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Reply By: Deleted User - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:24

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:24
Cracker, Just upgrade to LC 100 . Just a thought Macka
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Reply By: Cracker - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:25

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:25
Macka - have to wait until someone dies before I can do that Seriously, I could not afford to change. I also wouldn't like to give up the factory diff locks ( both diffs). Cracker
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Reply By: Deleted User - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:26

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:26
Hey, Cracker, good call. Love those twin lockers. Mine was the third most capable vehicle in the course after the two instructors who had big-wheeled, lifted, modified monsters with rock-crawler gears. In the end they had to ban me from locking up because i was making it look too easy! Hah hah. Your local RTA equivalent will have a list of Engineering Signatories that are the only ones accredited to sign-off on vehicle mods. If you look through for someone associated with rebuilders (making 6 wheelers for example) or go direct to a vehicle mod joint, have them do some work on condition that the Engineer they use is a Signatory and is prepared to sign-off on the uprating to GVM to 3500kg and GCM to 7000kg, then Bob's your Uncle. This is probably not a bad approach, as the Signatory would need some justification for agreeing to the upgrade. If not already done, suggest a modest suspension upgrade - say 50 to 75mm (no more or will have to start mucking around with brke lines etc) using new springs & shocks. You could also throw in rear air bags if desired. While its up there you could look at seals, poly blocks etc if they are due for a service. This should be sufficient for him to give it a tick. Good luck Griff
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Reply By: Deleted User - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:27

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:27
Sounds good. What can I suggest?
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Reply By: Cracker - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:28

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:28
Griff, I got the list from them ( RTA) and rang one of the guys - I think he was in Bayswater. ANyway he said he didn't know anything about 80 series upgrade. I told him the whole story pre 96 model etc etc . He said Ok - so I asked him what he thought it might cost "About $300"....."you find out what the specs are and what needs to be changed, and let me know, cause the parts will be ontop of that." A real diiferent conversation........you do the work/ research, and I'll be kind enough to take your money !! Cracker ANybody out there with connection / affiliation with an engineer in Vic ??? I'm actually considering getting the vehicle re- registered in Qld to make th upgrade possible/easier
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Reply By: Deleted User - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:29

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:29
Strong caution re rego in Q'land. Townsville character will issue re-rate certificate site unseen via the mail for less than you quote. HOWEVER, there is no code number in the Q'land vehicle regs for modifications or re-rating! What he relies on is a shonky interpretation allowing modification of COMMERCIAL vehicle (eg to put a derrick on the back of a table top; 6 wheeler mine vehicles etc). Your Landcruiser is NOT a commercial vehicle (even if you have 'Business' Rego - it is a passenger vehicle ('Station Wagon'). You may get away with it, but if you have an incident and the insurance co picks up on this little con-job, they could decide to test it in court - could get ugly. The bloke that did mine has offices in Q'land and Tamworth and he wouldn't touch mine if it had Q'land rego, but was happy to do it with NSW Rego. Re your Vic fellow asking for specs, Toyota will not give you any - Toyota Australia's Homologation Engineer has never been able to find out from Japan what (if anything) was done to justify the re-rating. Hence his (private, unofficial) view that nothing was done - it was a marketing response to Nissan. So, you are going to have to find someone experienced in this area (Cruisers and modifications) and make your own case to him. One guy told me he would be happy to do it, but it would require destructive testing of the axels etc. I'd get my certificate, but then have to re-build the thing. I didn't use him. Informed choice Griff
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Reply By: Motley - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:30

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:30
Cracker, If you are in Victoria, you might find some value in talking to ARB in Kilsyth. I have previously installed ARB modified suspensions (heavy duty springs and Old Man Emu shockers) on both 60 and 80 Series vehicles. They have always seemed to have a pretty good "in" on the workings of Toyota because they were provided with pre-release vehicles so they could get their new products in manufacture before release time. Who knows? For the sake of fitting an ARB suspension, they might be able to arrange the re-rate (a condition of the order?) At the very least I found that on both vehicles, the ARB suspension improved handling both laden and unladen, dramatically. Pete

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Reply By: Cracker - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:31

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:31
Pete ...your a bloody legend ! I was starting to worry about this upgrade thing. I give em a ring first thing Monday - and see what can be arranged. Will keep the list posted ( as I have received requests for info from other Vic 80 series owners) Cracker P.s Pete any views on the Old man emu remote canister shocks - ie worthwhile or overkill ??
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Reply By: Motley - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:32

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:32
Cracker, No experience with remote canister shocks so can't comment I'm afraid. One thing though. If you do go down the Old Man Emu path, I think it's worth getting optional stone guards fitted to the shocks. And on that topic I CAN speak from experience!! Pete

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Reply By: Wadefarers - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:33

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:33
Cracker Have had LTR's (which I presume you are referring to) fitted to the Cruiser since 1997 and, as far as I'm concerned, they have been terrific. Certainly noticed the difference on corrugated roads in the outback where they didn't go off as bad as standard. Also have the heaviest duty springs that ARB could fit, which might also contibute to the effect. When I buy my next vehicle will definately fit them again. Did not fit stone guards but can see the merit. Regards Jeff
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Reply By: Cracker - Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:34

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004 at 21:34
Thanks for the information - I asked as the "old man emu" fitted too the car have started to die ( one has anyway ) . The amazing part is that they have done well over 150,000 ks. The exact amount is unknown as they were fitted when I bought the car. I have had limited experience with shockers ( in my younger years) and I always noticed that the nitrogen leaked out pretty early..i.e. within a couple of months back then. But these old man emus ones still had nitrogen pressure in them after all this time - didn't leak any oil from the seals etc, and I know they are old as they have a rubber eye in them as opposed to the new(er) polyurethane job. I saw the LRT at a 4 WD shop - and was interested, as I can appreciate the increased oil capacity. I also like the fact that the LRT had a rubber dust boot on the shaft. I dont think a boot is available for the standard one, and the last thing I want is chopped out seals. I might just offer the kilsyth 4wd bloke a carrot for the upgrade........set of LRTs - I think they were quoted @ $1600 cracker
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