Steven Gibbs, Director, Bushtracker, finally sucked into the BOG (humour)

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Hello All,
My first "Sortee" out into the depth of the BOG! What a great site!
Steven Gibbs here, one of the Directors, Bushtracker

Well, after all these years, with a little help from friends, I have been encouraged to take an active part in the BOG Site. In the past, I was too busy to take part, when there were many misconceptions and mistakes to chase down, and I really did not have the time... I viewed it as a full time job to try and comment on all things might have gone off the track. But from time to time now, I will make an effort to address any issues that I see as harmful or misconceptions, or just plain errors that could mislead people... Just the facts, no opinions... If I see a way that could be helpful. I would like to just be helpful as a "Scientific Realist".

The entry that baited me up to finally take an active part in this Forum was the entry on "Weighty Issues". As an example, please allow me to inject a few facts into the issue for everyones benefit:

1) Tare is the dry weight of the caravan as Ordered and Delivered. This does not include water in the tanks, we do not make the rules. "Caveman" saying that the tare without tanks full was "a bit sus to us" just needed the correct information.

2) Anyone that said the Tare included water in the tanks as this posting claims, would not work here at Bushtracker. This is just a plain misquote or misunderstanding.. And no one would be that silly here at Bushtracker.

3) We weigh the vans with all of the gear the people Order on board. To claim as this person does, that we weigh the vans without the spare tyres, solar panels, batteries, and such gear on board is incorrect and irresponsible and just plain an untruth.... I will tell you that we even weigh them with all the flat screen TVs, stereo equipment, speakers, DVD players, satellite decoders, and all the other personal electronic equipment that people have another Company like "Sound in Motion" install... That gear is not even provided or sold by us, but usually fully installed by the time we weigh the van a day or two just before Delivery. Our Tare is more than fair and correct, we even weigh them with the other Company's gear the Customer has ordered on board, even though it is not part of our gear list or Contract Delivery. To have claimed otherwise on this forum is irresponsible and misleading to other Readers, and not fair: "Caveman" no offense, but you stand corrected.

4) Any discrepancy between Tare and Delivered weight will be the water in the water heater, about two inches of water in the tanks as they will not drain all the way out because of the suction in the loops of the vents, and water in the plumbing and pumps as we do not water test them until after the Registration Weigh in Tare.

5) As to total ATM (Aggragate Trailer Mass) the fully laden weight, we have no control over how much people put on board. The weight that this posting has on it would be extreme indeed and suspect. Would suggest an immediate trip to a proper weighbridge, and assesment of the hitch which if is our regular hitch is now illegal... However, I doubt the claimed weight, it would really be an effort to load on over a tonne. Either way, everyone needs to be mindful of how much they put on board. If their requirements exceeds the hitch, it can be upgraded.. If their requirements exceed the suspension limits, it can also be upgraded.

Open note to all Readers from Directors at Bushtracker: Please check with us on serious concerns like this open posting on "Weighty Issues" Or, please let us know if there are any postings like this that raise serious concerns. We may not have the time to visit this Forum but every week or two. Now a personal opinion and well meaning wish for the future: "Caveman" should have at least ask us the facts before alarming people with misinformation that is grossly misleading.

Kind Regards to all, and my Family had a great time at the 2004 Copeton Rally. I can see the opportunity for people to make lifelong friends at such a Rally, even if they only meet up a couple of times a year... What a great time for all !! And I hope to get away to be there next year...

stg at Bushtracker
"The Last Stand In Open Country"

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Reply By: Noosa Fox - Friday, Dec 10, 2004 at 04:22

Friday, Dec 10, 2004 at 04:22
Welcome to the site Steve, I am sure everyone will benefit from your imput.

Apparently a lot of the other mass produced makes of caravans weigh their vans as a base model and then when the customers request extra water tanks, solar panels, batteries or other accessories, those extras are NOT included in the TARE weight so when they put their personal belongings in they are then well over the allowable 300 single axle or 400kg tandem axle, that most manufacturers seem to adopt.
Enjoying the friendship of BOG members

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Reply By: Tellem Bugrem - Friday, Dec 10, 2004 at 04:51

Friday, Dec 10, 2004 at 04:51

Welcome BOG site and thankyou for a great contribution. We hope you and your family have a brilliant Christmas and happy and safe travels (and eventing) in 2005.

Cheers..........Rob & Liz
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Reply By: Deleted User - Monday, Dec 13, 2004 at 02:37

Monday, Dec 13, 2004 at 02:37
I too am glad to see you here Steve.
If it took my "weighty problems" post to do so then a grander good has been acheived.
By your reply to the "weighty problem" then , yes, I stand corrected.

As I said in my latest reply on that thread, i am still very mystified as to Dave's problem. either there was a gross error in that weighbridge or dave has a hellalot of fishing sinkers in his van.

If he does get in touch with you Steve and you figure out his problem, please post us here in the interest of all readers.

BTW, We still intend to buy a BT as we believe they are the best van for what we want a van for.
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