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With respect to all who are throwing in their two penneth re BTI being on the website or not, and those who want to stifle debate on an issue which was posted to the website with the approval of the site managers, might I post the messages from the main signon screen, to remind all what the aims and protocols are for this website?

Potential buyers of Bushtracker Caravans

Interested in owners' experiences with their 'vans

What sort of layout/configuration/options?
What sort of towing vehicle?
Things to consider when buying
What sort of country/track can be tackled in a Bushtracker?
Current owners of Bushtracker Caravans

Commentary on Tips and Techniques.

Discussion of trips, routes, places to visit etc.
A forum for communication amongst people with a common interest.
A forum for arranging rallies etc.

The management of Bushtracker International

A source of feedback from owners on strengths and areas for potential improvement.

A source of customer reference for potential buyers.
A forum for communication between Bushtracker International and Bushtracker owners.
What does all this mean for people who use the Forum?
It means we should present information in a positive, constructive manner.

If you've experienced problems, can you suggest a possible solution?
Respect the opinions of others.
Present commentary in a way that will invite feedback - that way, we all learn a bit more.
Recognise that, given the investment that Bushtracker owners make, the best results will be achieved through a constructive, open dialogue between Owners and Bushtracker International.
The more members we have in the forum, the more we will all learn and benefit.

The points about "respecting the opinions of others", "BTI gaining feedback on areas for potential improvement" and "presenting commentary in a way that will invite feedback" seem to be forgotten from time to time.

By my commentary re Steve's responses when another point of view is expressed, I have run the risk of bordering on falling short of those protocols. If I have offended anyone by this, then I unreservedly apologise.

Steve, your contributions are of considerable value to most who read them as evidenced by the cross references on other websites. You are clearly passionate about your beliefs and maybe that passion is sometimes not shared by all.

My apologies to you personally.

Bruce J

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Reply By: Noosa Fox - Wednesday, Jun 01, 2005 at 04:01

Wednesday, Jun 01, 2005 at 04:01
Well said Bruce, and when the time comes for you to sign up for your own Bushtracker, I am sure that Steve won't hold any grudges and will treat you just the same as he treated us and all his other customers.

Enjoying the friendship of BOG members

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Reply By: Bushtracker - Thursday, Jun 02, 2005 at 00:31

Thursday, Jun 02, 2005 at 00:31
Hey, I am as subtle as a sack of bricks sometimes, I know that; I am not a Salesman. I hear the comments that some people on the outside, think maybe I am too “passionate” about Bushtracker, or I have too strong of “rhetoric”…. Fine, maybe so, it is my baby, and first of all that “Passion” is why we are where we are: And why we are constantly improving the Bushtracker with continuous R&D. And that “Passion” is obviously shared, as we have never caught up in Production and 32 Customers have even come back for second vans of late.

Second of all I think there is a distinct difference between those on the outside who are as yet possibly non-believers in Bushtracker and think my so called rhetoric is just sales talk, that later find out: “Hey its true”! Maybe that difference shows up on inside, like on the Private Forum where the same Posting is getting a response of about 22 to 1 in favour. Possibly they have proven to themselves that what I have said is true through their own experience. It still comes down to that you can’t please everyone…

We cannot meet demand, and I write the Brochure, the Website, all Email, Technical Bulletins, and the rest. My style must be acceptable to the 98% or we would not be where we are. Someone that does not like my style should not deprive themselves of the best van just because of my style, as there are five people in the office and another Director to deal with. It could sometimes even be a Cultural issue, as I am only of late in life an Australian, being an ex-American in my formative years..

Hey, don’t share my passion for Bushtracker? Dig a little deeper and come see the Factory and how they are put together and you might change your mind.. After all, Bushtracker is what this site is all about.

At to you Bruce, we all have bad days, no worries here. Come here for a bit of a study and you might share the passion too..

Regards, Stg at Bushtracker
"The Last Stand In Open Country"

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