Tip # 53, A Consideration for New Japanese Tow Vehicle Buyers to Be Aware Of:

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Now this is not science, as I do not have their Transport Engineering reasons for the change, (my guess is style and money), so I pre-qualify this as only an opinion. However I think it is just good tried and true “Bushie Sense”, so here goes: There is an alarming trend in the new Japanese Tow Vehicles, that you could possibly rectify when you order from new…. They are putting high speed low profile tyres trending toward the 17” fancy wheels.. Now this is great looking, and very trendy, but in my opinion does not necessarily belong in the Outback. I have even heard of 18"... For one, so far I have not found real off-road tyres in those sizes, only a mild all-terrain tread pattern.. For two you cannot get them in heavy duty light truck tyre format, only passenger car tyres, at least that is what we have found.. This means you cannot pump them up if you want, as they are limited to about 34 psi… And Passenger car sidewalls? And how low could you let them down to cushion the corrugation before you start dinging up the wheels? Not for me if I could help it.

I might suggest that you should investigate the possibility of ordering it with 16” wheels and light truck tyres instead… At least it is worth the try..

Many Bushtracker Owners of late, have told me: “I would have done differently…”, or “I wish I had…” .. or: “Had I known when I Ordered”…. So this my job to try and help and here is a fair warning: To try to negotiate (if you want) when you Purchase your new vehicle; and please Post your results for others benefit. I know of one success story in economically swapping out to 16” by one Client already.. We have no hope of matching tyres in 17-18” and I am not about to put passenger car tyres on a Bushtracker. I want big fat old fashioned light truck tyres, that I can let down and cushion the road corrugation in a pinch, without running on the rims and on the rocks with low profile tyres…

This situation could change at any minute, might have already before I Posted this, and if some light truck tyre in AT pattern come out, well you can make your own mind up… But I like old fashion big fat doughnut tyres with lots of low pressure capability on severe corrugation, not a low profile real big wheel trend for high speed highway use...!! Look into the swap and the modification of the plate on your Landcruiser as it might have 200 km per hour ratings for a luxury car on the German Autobahn or something... A Modification Plate might be in order, check with the Dealer... But at least this is a consideration...

Now I am probably just “not trendy”, but I am afraid they are becoming a bit too City high speed fashionable for me, with luxury car independent front ends and fancy wheels and tyres to cater for the City 95% of sales…Some of these wheels are for sports car "no where to drive that fast in Australia" speed ratings of over 160 km per hour!! Not for me, and I assert that this is not for the Outback... At least with this Posting you possibly have the opportunity to rectify this problem “where the rubber hits the road” so to speak or at least you are aware of it to do your own research. OK?

Of course I am just a Dinosaur, who else would be crazy enough to travel with their Quarter Horses? And who know by what you might want those low profile tyres to be trendy! But in my old fashioned mind that is sort of like admiring the style of "Gucci Pumps and matching Handbag Fashion", that counts little on a rutted out sharp rocky track 100kms back of Woop-Woop..

Horses for courses you know…… Of course..!
Hoping to be of a help……….. the “Last Ranger” at Bushtracker
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Reply By: BushtrackerDevs - Wednesday, Jul 06, 2005 at 04:14

Wednesday, Jul 06, 2005 at 04:14
Certainly there are fewer 17"Light Truck all terrain tyres about, but Coopers to their ATR in a LT 265/70R17 ( I have these on my 100 series Sahara) and BFG also do a 17" in their All Terrains. From memory they lift the cruiser by about 20mm as they are higher in the sidewall that the OE 275/65R17's Dunlops that are fitted ex factory.

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Wednesday, Jul 06, 2005 at 06:35

Wednesday, Jul 06, 2005 at 06:35
Hello Rob,
Are they actually a light truck tyre, with appropriate sidewall and loading? All the ones we have seen were passenger car tyres...

If so, then maybe they are coming of age... And I only hold a grudge because of the constant wheel changes since the 80 Series... Ha!
Regards, Bushtracker
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Reply By: Bushtracker - Wednesday, Jul 06, 2005 at 19:54

Wednesday, Jul 06, 2005 at 19:54
Well I stand corrected, When I am wrong I will stand up and say so!!!

BFG Confirms that the 17" AT has the same wall thickness as the Light Truck All-Terrain in 16"... So maybe the 17" has come of age and is acceptable....

We still cannot get After Market wheels in steel 17".... But if anyone wants to try and outfit their Bushtracker in 17", it looks like it is possible. We will have to try the wheel on the brakes and check it for offset... But it looks as though my Tip # 53 is now somewhat obsolete before it was Posted... If someone wants to supply their own tyres and wheels in 17" so be it, we will try and make it work....

On the New Japanese Tow Vehicles, all we have seen is passenger car tyres when they roll in here.... If you are ordering one, you might want to at least specify the BFG AT tyre in your negotiations... Or the Cooper if you are a Cooper fan.. We have throroughly test the BFG AT and gotten the best reports over many years because of the heavy sidewall resistance to rock cutting... The Bridgestone D-694 type for 17" is still only a passenger car tyre from latest reports...

Oh well, I will keep trying to look afta ya! Kind Regards, from the "Ranger"...
"The Last Stand In Open Country"

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Follow Up By: Noosa Fox - Thursday, Jul 07, 2005 at 02:29

Thursday, Jul 07, 2005 at 02:29
Those with 17" wheels should check to see if the older model 16" rims will fit on their vehicles as a lot of manufacturers these days are increasing the size of their disc rotors and this has necessitated going to the larger rim size. (I have no idea if this is the case with Landcruisers)
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