TIP # 71 New CHIP for 100 Series TD Cruiser

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I have re-copied part of this archived post below as reference - Mike (Member name unknown), it is now some months since you had the chip installed. I would really apprerciate an update on your experience. No problems? Continuing to work well in terms of power and fuel efficiency?

I am very keen to get one of these before we take delivery of our 2nd BT, and would really appreciate an update before I make the commitment,



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Bushtracker posted about TIP # 71 New CHIP for 100 Series TD Cruiser RECORD FUEL ECONOMY! A MUST READ! - (PostID: 1896)
The post

PRIVATE EMAIL DISCLOSURE REPRINT HERE: A MAJOR IMPROVEMENT IN FUEL ECONOMY REPORTED… Hello all of you Future Boggers, that are not in the Schedule yet or not Owners yet, and so cannot get into the Owners Forum…. The Ranger here... And I told you that if there was anything important on the Private Owners Forum that you should know about, I would put it here…. So you are not "Missing Out" as some worried. Well here are bits and pieces of a Thread on the Owners Forum, and Private Email to me, and I got permission from the Party to reprint his Posting as well as his Private Email and confirmations…. "A Major Breakthrough for 100 Series TD Landcruiser on Towing Fuel Economy"

Hi Ranger,

I have been reading some terrible figures on fuel economy but I will share some information with you. I had a computer chip fitted by Diesel Care in TOOWOOMBA and they used my vehicle to test the result. The chip is new to Australia but is used extensively in Europe on an enormous number of vehicles over a lot of years. We found that the torque went up by about 37% and the power by about 30% and as you can imagine this made an incredible difference to performance. We had to muck around with the settings (which they can do with a Dynometer and a lap top computer) so that the chip came in at a low rev. The Cruiser has a flat torque curve from about 1600 revs through to 2700 revs and it cruised at about 1950 revs at 100 KPH so there is no point in having the chip start to perform at say 2400 revs as you do not use revs that high unless you drive at Sandown Park. We set it after testing to come in about 1650 revs and the difference was amazing.

The bottom line is that the vehicle now does 9.8 litres/100 kilometres on the open road and 10.8 litres/100 kilometres around town. The consumption when towing the BT empty is 13 litres/100 kilometres. The reason for the low consumption is two fold. Reason one is that I do not have a heavy foot but I do drive at the highway speeds without the van - say 105 to 110 kilometres/hour and the second reason is that I tow the van at 90-95 kilometres per hour in 4th gear. I found that 5th gear was working the gear box too hard and the fuel consumption was increased by 2.5 litres per 100 kilometres.


Hello Mike,

Mike, your fuel economy is absolutely outstanding, and your Chip is doing wonders.... Towing at 13 litres per 100k is 7.69 km per litre.... The Factor to calculate miles per gallon is Km per litre X 2.83...... Using this formulae, your mileage towing your Bushtracker is 21.76 miles per gallon?????

You either hold the record for a Turbo Cruiser towing, or I have done some goof... Please either review your figures, or mine.... Or else everyone with a TD Cruiser needs to stand up and notice, because your Fuel economy is the best ever reported with a larger van....

There must be more to this, or it is early and I am doing some blue, or you had a heck of a tailwind, something is highly irregular or EVERYONE WITH A TD CRUISER SHOULD LINE UP FOR THIS CHIP......!!!! This is the best report ever reported to me on fuel economy for the TD Cruiser....

Kind Regards from da Ranger, tryin to look after everyone.....


Hello Ranger,

Yes, the fuel economy is outstanding as you say but the figures are accurate. The fuel consumption whilst towing was when I towed the van empty from your factory to TOOWOOMBA so whilst I may have had a tail wind (and I don't recall having one) I also went up 2,300 feet in altitude as the last time I looked you lived at sea level and I lived on mountain!!! As an example of consumption with the vehicle not towing and with only me in it, I went to Brisbane from TOOWOOMBA and return last week. I filled up at "Rustys" roadhouse half way to Brisbane then drove on to Brisbane to the Wesley Hospital on Coronation Drive then I returned to TOOWOOMBA. I did 198 km and used 19.8 litres of fuel. This was after some city driving and climbing back up the range to TOOWOOMBA. I drove at 105 to 110 km/hr on the open road so you figure the figures and see if there is a mistake.

Since then I have crossed checked the fuel usage on 4 other occasions and I keep getting the same results. I find the figures amazing as well but the installer of the chip at Diesel Care explains it this way - fuel usage is based on the amount of distance that the pump is opened and with the extra power generated by the chip the pump is barely opened. I can feel that with the vehicle when I am driving as my foot is barely pressing the accelerator when cruising and the vehicle feels like it has a large V8 motor in it. Remember that the chip is set to come in to maximum power at 1650 revs so I am getting the maximum increase early. ALSO I DO NOT HAVE A BIG FOOT AS I DO NOT WANT TO BE THE FIRST ONE TO THE NEXT SET OF LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will keep you posted on the results of trips as they occur. You may even have to get rid of the Mack as a result?????

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I tried to get more info on these "chips" for my 100TD L/C from forums and didn't get much feed-back at all so did my own research. I decided on the Steinbauer P-Box over the DP chip from Bowral Diesel. Both are German made. Probably the best advice I could give is talk to your trusted diesel mechanic or two. It's too early for me to comment on the economy. I've only done an easy going 350 k hooked-up with just under 18 litres/100k achieved compared to 20+ litres/100k before.However the power and torque are improved. I don't have any dyno firgures to quote. Seemed more money for conversation data to me. There are figures for 100TD's on the www. Bear in mind that experienced people advise to have the exhaust system up-graded so as to exploit the chip improvements. ($850 - $900, another 10% economy & power quoted.) P-Box cost $1404 fitted. Wouldn't it be great if Toyota had improved their 4.2 diesel engine as well as those 3 litre ones. Apparently the lower power comes from compliance to international requirements for emissions and noise. Power and torque are sacrifised. good luck with your decisions.
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