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Greetings all - the search facility brings a big Zero for this - so here goes.
We are looking for any accounts of experience where by a BT owner has started with a naturally aspirated 1HZ Toyota motor (which does VERY well in most situations) and then gone to after market fitted Turbo Charger. We have looked at several Turbo providers/fitters brochures and done the bean counting and read the literature and one of the various forums for such. Now we wonder if there are any experiences with rigs very similar to us so we can finally make up our minds about the matter.
Even have had an in depth look at the Diesel Gas Stuff! So actual experiences from that direction would also be welcome.
Many thanks in anticipation.
Cheers - Ian & Sally.
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Reply By: Mobi Condo - Saturday, Aug 26, 2006 at 23:01

Saturday, Aug 26, 2006 at 23:01
Uh! Oh! Should have looked on the Owners - Sorry!
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Follow Up By: Rockgoc - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 04:54

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 04:54
Mobi we sent you a reply to your members message bank on this one...obviously you never received it. We did just what you are asking about and have been more than happy with it. If you want to natter more on the subject, feel free to give us a call on 08 90223086 any time after 4.30pm western time. Cheers, from Jan & Easy
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Follow Up By: Turist - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 05:31

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 05:31
Is that Western Standard Time or Western Easy Time.
About 2 hours later

"Do It While You Can"
Nobody is getting any younger.

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Reply By: Bushtracker - Monday, Aug 28, 2006 at 18:09

Monday, Aug 28, 2006 at 18:09
Hello Ian and Sally,

I will give you a brief summary anyway.... My replies are not always just geared to the one, but the many that might follow along the same path... AND, here is an angle in relation to the new Cruiser that you may have not considered....

First of all: We would have HUNDREDS of them running from the 90's, and some even now on the new 100 Series. Tracy and I both had the aftermarket Turbos on the 1HZ in the 1990's, one still owned by the Shop Lead Man, and Tracy did an early 100 Series, and I still have an early 100 Series with the aftermarket turbo and intercooler. ARB did it for at least 10 years on 1000's of Cruisers, and the aftermarket Safari Turbo kit used to be the MOST common tow vehicle. There is no problem with the engines, in doing it. Every problem I heard of and tracked down like a Bloodhound, turned out to be lack of maintenance, low on oil, or low on water, or bad radiator hose blowing, something like that not the fault of the Turbo. We still have one running now with 400,000 km plus on it...

On whether to get one or not, that is up to you. It will give a solid 25%-30% more real power, and if you drive carefully it can actually improve fuel economy believe it or not. That is if you drive it conservatively. I don't, can't keep my foot out of it, but still I do not think the mileage has really suffered for the distance covered and I have a lot more power in a pinch. Up to 20', you don't HAVE to do it... But it is nice, especially if you plan on keeping your Cruiser long term. BUT, THE CAVEAT: If you have ideas about maybe a new V-8 twin turbo Cruiser that we will probably see within 12 months, then probably don't bother doing up yours... THE RISK IS THAT THE NEW CRUISER WILL GET APPRECIABLY BETTER FUEL ECONOMY WHEN TOWING.... If that is true, everybody's love affair with their current Cruiser will darken down to a shade of grey....

As to the mechanics of doing it, ARB stopped for some political reasons of loosing the Distributorship of Garrett or Safari or something, but not for mechanical reasons. For half the money of the new Factory one, a second hand late model 80 Series from 1997 up or a 100 Series naturally aspirated one with the aftermarket turbo and intercooler is still my number one recommendation for Toyota tow vehicles... Especially now when a twin turbo V-8 Cruiser is coming. A new IFS Turbo Cruiser now, might not hold its value when the V-8 comes out, but a good deal on an older Cruiser, which can be had with goodies on it, if you look for about $30,000, will probably hold its value better...

For the rest of you, still undecided on a Landcruiser: I am not sure that this type of second hand it isn't a better option, as I also do not like the trend in the new vehicles with computer run complex systems that cannot be rectified in the Bush, anyway. It seems as though the Company Engineers are designing the engines to take the maintenance out of the hands of the do it yourself people and make them dependent on the Dealerships for all service... Just a personal view, but maybe it is another option to consider for half the money... Especially if you are a handy sort of a person yourself.... It is what I did in getting a new Cruiser for my wife, I bought a 2000- 100 Series, aftermarket turbo and intercooler, and it was loaded with extras like long range tanks, diff locks, air compressor, and much more.. It has no engine electronics to run the injection pump, injectors, and controls; and I think it is as LEAST as good as new in relation to maintenance way out Woop-Woop, for half the money. It also has the tried and true solid front monobeam axle housing...

I am not sure that second hand is not a BETTER option for right now as we wait to see the new V-8 coming. An aftermarket turbo kit on a naturally aspirated 100 Series Landcruiser is roughly the same comfort and power and looks as the new IFS Turbo Cruiser, but easier maintenance at half the cost. Also: I would buy a second hand one for now anyway, if you were going Landcruiser; to wait and see the new V-8 Twin Turbo coming… The new IFS prices might fall in a heap when the new Cruiser comes out.. But a good second hand one bought at the right money, will always hold its value.

Regards from the Ranger to all...

"The Last Stand In Open Country"

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Reply By: 11-UPS - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 05:48

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 05:48

Was told V8 coming out in ' 07 in cab chassis only.
Turbo 6 deleted and V8 wagon 08.
I'll stand to be corrected if someone else has any better information than this.

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Reply By: Fosssil - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 07:19

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 07:19
Hi...I don't know how accurate this supposed translated article that mentions re the coming of the new Landcruiser 130 (and Lexus) is, but here it is anyway...there are also many references to the Aussie 4x4 magazine report on the new Landcruiser
What it says is very similar to the aussie magazine report ....see below for report

From a carspyshots.net member's friend's translation of a Japanese article...

Quote: Toyota's next-generation Land Cruiser 130-series will be here shortly. As this is the company's top-of-the-range flagship 4x4 model, the new arrival has been a much-kept secret, but now information has been leaked and revealed.

As most of us should already know, the styling is going to be more aggressive and even more robust. Styling clues from the FTX concept vehicle (shown at the Detroit Auto Show) will heavily influence the new design. The Land Cruiser will also grow significantly in every dimension. The 4x4 is said to be longer, wider and sit lower. The height of the body will remain largely unchanged, but it is said that the SUV will sit lower than normal to give a more stable ride and brilliant on-road manners. This system is also a part of Gen-2 active height control and TEMS suspension system, which give the suspension even more travel for off-road usage.

The Land Cruiser 130-series will also be available with a new line-up of engines. There will be 4.5L V8 32v Twin Turbo D-4D common-rail diesel that develops 306hp and turns out almost a whopping 600nm of torque. This engine will replace the six-cylinder diesel available in the current Cruiser. The current gasoline engine will be replaced with a 5.0L V8 VVT-I that develops 335bhp. Torque figures are not yet confirmed for the gas engine, but should be similar to the diesel. To tune things down a bit Toyota is going to also give the 2007 Cruiser the same VVT-I 4.0L V6 240hp gasoline engine used in both the Prado and FJ Cruiser. The engines will also be mated to either a six-speed manual gearbox or a silky-smooth 6-speed Tiptronic gearbox borrowed from the Phaeton and Touareg. The Tiptronic box will be standard on diesel and V8 gasoline engines, and optional on the V6 model.

It has been rumored that Toyota is going to launch it 2007 LX550 in the US with a 5.5 liter V8 engine. This is not true! Toyota was going to introduce the new LX500 in the US, which has the same engine as the Land Cruiser 130. The last minute decision by Toyota Motor Company was that after 2007 they will discontinue the LX range from North America and sell the LX500 in Japan with a new Name: Cygnus 500 and the Land Cruiser will remain as the only Japanese-built full-sized SUV in the US.

A head spokesmen, Akio Lya, at Toyota Motor Company said, "This is a bold decision that Toyota and Lexus are taking but we just couldn't keep both of them together in North America. We have been forced to drop the LX as we are planning to create completely different designs for upcoming Toyota and Lexus models. Following the year 2007 the new Land Cruiser 130 will also be available in Japan in its twin Lexus form. The Japanese market is completely different from the US and Europe and having two virtually-identical models are acceptable. The Toyota brand is known globally and has built up such as Strong reputation that the name Land Cruiser is a legend and will live on. The Land Cruiser offered to the North American Market is going to be more luxurious and so much more desirable to those customers. We at Toyota Motor Company have made the right decision and will offer the Lexus LX again 2009 with a different design and totally different looks, which will stand apart from the Land Cruiser range"

This article has been edited for clarity -- admin
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Follow Up By: Fosssil - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 07:24

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 07:24
Here is a link to the article I mentioned..There are two pages....fosss

Site Link

AU-4x4_Feb2005_02.jpg photo -
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Reply By: Mobi Condo - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 08:08

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 08:08
Ooh! Wow! Thank you all for the input - we have recieved fantastic response and have much to consider re the matter.
There is just soooooo much help on this forum.
Will try to contact you all personally with our grateful thanks.
Cheers - Ian & Sally
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Reply By: Bushtracker - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 18:12

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 18:12
One thing more to stew in the pot.....

I never wait in anxious anticipation for these kinds of new releases, as they are sometimes delayed due to economic or geopolitical, or engineering, or inter company political reasons.. Take the best guess, but I am not holding my breath waiting for the Ford to come back in the country for instance... The same goes for the Toyota V-8, it is all a bit nebulous and subject to change as I anticipate a bit of a recessionary drift in the wind... And the Rumours of Dodge coming, yea right.....

For instance on the Fords, I want another Dually rear, 4x4 Crew Cab...... The little kid in me wants it for massive towing ability and another gooseneck horsefloat... I doubt I will end up with one in the near term but:

TURIST, you should have seen the black NASTY new Crew Cab Dually 4x4 left hand drive Silverado in convoy yesterday on the way to Corvette Queensland... WOW, dead sexy. (Not for me as my Ford does the job just fine for $65,000 with $30,000 in toys on it for free and this Silverado would probably be $120,000 and up... ) But the point is I am not going to wait for the rumour of Dodge coming here, (yea right, maybe a car or two) or Ford coming back (yea right, maybe 08 if we are lucky).. Instead I am casually watching the Internet car sales and if a Dually 4x4 CC comes up in an older and reasonable price in any of the top brands Dodge Ford Chevy, I might just snap it up to put a turntable into the bed for a 35-38' gooseneck horsefloat, (yea in my dreams).

My point is that if it is not announced, not in the schedule, not known at the Dealerships, LIVE FOR TODAY and do the best you can... I wanted another Dually CC 4x4, but I am doing it all just fine with my F-250 loaded with toys for less than half the money. If I find an older one (Preferred by me without all the current electronic engine management and integrated electronic shifting)... If I can find an older one, or when I find an older one, or when they come back into the country, Ford, Chev, or Dodge, then I will get one. In the mean time, I have a really great little truck, and it is not likely to lose much value in the next couple of years as demand outstrips supply..

Mobi, I try not to steer people, but rather to give them all the choices that help them to choose the path that suits their own lives and their own pocketbook.... But if Fossil is right and the V-8 is not coming in the scheduled future to count on with some certainty, then I would throw a turbo on your Cruiser and LIVE FOR TODAY...

If you have to have a Cruiser for coming back to big city parking, put a turbo on it, or upgrade to a good second hand Ford for about $55-60,000.

Regards to all, Lone Ranger...
"The Last Stand In Open Country"

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Follow Up By: Turist - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 18:41

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 18:41
TURIST, you should have seen the black NASTY new Crew Cab Dually 4x4 left hand drive Silverado in convoy yesterday "
"WOW, dead sexy"

Bet you had trouble getting to sleep last night!

Power + Style + Sex Appeal........unbeatable.

"Do It While You Can"
Nobody is getting any younger.

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 19:27

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 19:27
Oh Turist,
You are right, if I could have bought it on the spot, even left hand drive, for a reasonable price I would have done it... I even thought I might call Corvette Queensland to see what they wanted for it. I was thinking that even at $90,000 that was sort of my Ford plus $30,000 and I could do that... But my Mack CC 4x4 Horsetruck only cost about $160,000 ordered with Diff locks, center locking, four 370 litre long range tanks, and the other goodies... Can't see $120k plus, for the little Chevy...

In truth, at that money, I would be more inclined to by the North Africa race version of my truck, short wheelbase, 33" wheels, Super Single tyres, and the rest... Ha! Then you really don't care about parking and such.. Air seats, and the VIEW from above...
The only thing against it is the price... When you think for that money here is what I have now......

"The Last Stand In Open Country"

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Follow Up By: Turist - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 22:38

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 22:38
Always new that American English was different.

But what a funny way to spell R-E-N-A-U-L-T.

Maybe something got lost in the translation.
Often difficult to get the translation correct.
Once I even saw Renault spelt V-O-L-V-0,

"Do It While You Can"
Nobody is getting any younger.

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 23:29

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006 at 23:29
Volvo bought Mack and Renault. But it is also Eaton, Dana Spicer, Wabco, Isri, the best of all in the world... Since you need speeeling heelp, try this speeling out for size
B-L-O-O-D-Y G-O-O-D T-R-U-C-K How good? One trip in it with six way adjustable stereo controls on the steering column, Isri air seats, power heated mirrors, cruise control, a view from the top, 4500 km range, full disc Maxi brakes..... One trip and you would be a believer...

In short if you knew how good it was, you would give your Cheby back to Barbie and Ken.... Ha!

Lol from the lone Ranger...
"The Last Stand In Open Country"

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Follow Up By: Fosssil - Sunday, Sep 03, 2006 at 22:35

Sunday, Sep 03, 2006 at 22:35
Hi Steve,
I think it would cost more than 120 k after conversion..(SRW 2500HD is about 115k and maybe add 5k for the Dually aspect,)
Conversion is about 27k,...so 90k unconverted sounds OK.
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Reply By: Rockgoc - Thursday, Aug 31, 2006 at 07:00

Thursday, Aug 31, 2006 at 07:00
FAIR DINKUM YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your mothers would have given you BOTH a smack by now!!!!!
(NOICE TWUCK but , aye Steve!!!!!)
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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Thursday, Aug 31, 2006 at 17:18

Thursday, Aug 31, 2006 at 17:18
Hey there "Easy"....
How are ya Mate....

Look, Bob is bored, and likes the Banter... Blokey Chevy Ford stuff just for fun... But when it comes down to it, with the biggest "Rig" and most "Toys" on board, no Contest... Ha!... The Guys got a lot of toys, but I am a Rolling Station, water, air, tools, toys, and Livestock.. Ha! "Last Stand in Open Country", I have enough on board to pull up and Homestead anywhere I stop..

Too bad you won't be at Copeton this year. Peter is mailing out new fridge catches today with explicit instructions on how and where to drill, FOLLOW THEM CLOSELY... Or you will be back to warm beer again...

Best Regards to Sam Elliot from the lone Ranger....
"The Last Stand In Open Country"

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Follow Up By: Rockgoc - Friday, Sep 01, 2006 at 04:50

Friday, Sep 01, 2006 at 04:50
Thanks a lot for the catches Steve, will buy you a beer one day......not heading east just yet though...we are off to Newman (north son, I say NORTH!) in 3 weeks for a stretch up there. No closer to the fishing but the dollars sure are looking good. Might even be tempted to have a look at .......a chebby........nah just joking! (Or IS he?) But seriously, the cruiser, she's looking for a rest, and the Sheila wants a bigger Tracker....so you work it out.....new vehicle, new Tracker....
Easy and warm beer? Well funny you should mention that! He does actually prefer it warmer than icey cold. It's an individual preference thing.....strange little chap.
Bob, ya dag! Easy time is sort of how it used to be in the Top End...."No worries maayte......2 weeks aye? Might be tomorrow......aye?"
Is that Silver in the photo Steve?
Cheers from The Sheila
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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Friday, Sep 01, 2006 at 18:34

Friday, Sep 01, 2006 at 18:34
Hello Jan, you good SSAA Sheila, keep up the good work...

Yes that is Silver, about a year and a half ago! He is bigger now! Just absolutely worthless!! He is about the biggest Quarterhorse I have ever seen, instead of like my Performance Cow Horse Reiners who are about 15 HH and agile and flexible, Silver is 16 Hands High and like riding a cement truck... Ha! But his bones are so big, big hocks, big hard black hooves and high frog inside, big cannons, he gives you the feeling he is unbreakable. What is also interesting is he will browse along the trail, trees, leaves, anything, and is big and round and a good doer.. No performance horse there, but if I had to ride one 1000 km to Charlieville to get a vacine to save the town, he is the horse you would pick.... Big old Boof Headed Silver, will be going to Copeton. Shame you won't be there, you would like him. Now not quite mature at 5 years old, and heaven forbid, they don't stop growing til 6... The picture is him a 3 1/2 y.o.
Regards to Jan and Easy, lone Ranger
"The Last Stand In Open Country"

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