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Submitted: Wednesday, Nov 01, 2006 at 07:47
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A few members requested that I submit a report on the Chev when we returned from the "birthday" trip.
We have just returned home and I will give a detailed report shortly, after we dust off and settle down.

In the meantime I think that the photo below will give an indication of the capabilities of the Chev.
(Ford F350 owners may also subscribe to the Chevy Recovery Service, we do not discriminate.)

Regards to all.


"Do It While You Can"
Nobody is getting any younger.

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Reply By: Bushtracker - Wednesday, Nov 01, 2006 at 20:10

Wednesday, Nov 01, 2006 at 20:10
Oh Bob!!! Now you've done it! You let the cat out of the bag...

Now you have embarrassed me... I was not going tell anyone. But now you have really done it... I will have to let people know. I was going to keep this a secret between us, but you have blown it with this ridiculous misrepresentation...

ALL RIGHT, FULL DISCLOSURE.. Boggers, this picture was taken at the Copeton Rally when Bob came down to pick up some wines we were donating, for the prizes on the camp oven cookoff. There was a little DEW on the ground, and his street tyres and the poor Chevy could not get going on the wet grass. WE HAD TO PULL HIM OUT IN REVERSE....!!! You can look in the shadows and see where he tore the grass a little trying to going with that girls truck... Ha!

I was not going to embarrass you Bob, but you only have yourself to blame here...

Regards and best wishes, YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A FORD!!!
lone Ranger..
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Reply By: Bushtracker - Wednesday, Nov 01, 2006 at 21:48

Wednesday, Nov 01, 2006 at 21:48
Newbies, and Spectators to the Bog Site...

I can't let it stand any longer... The previous 2 Postings are little white LIEs... Bob and I are always having a go at each other for fun, Ford -Chevy thing... Don't get the wrong idea, we are always having a little dig at each other in good humour...

He is just a little sensitive about driving a GIRLS TRUCK around... Ha! LOL...
And has to poke fun at a Mans truck whenever he can invent the reason.. Ha, HA LOL The Chevy comes with a full set of MAN-TY HOSE.!!! ha ha hee hee LOL...

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Reply By: Noosa Fox - Wednesday, Nov 01, 2006 at 22:40

Wednesday, Nov 01, 2006 at 22:40
I thought what I saw was a big MACK with diff locks and still not able to get enough traction to get up a slight rise, until the Chevy came to the rescue. Lots of others at the rally would also agree.

2 to 1 at this stage in favour of the Chevy.
Enjoying the friendship of BOG members

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Wednesday, Nov 01, 2006 at 23:26

Wednesday, Nov 01, 2006 at 23:26
You can go to Hell for Lying, just like cheating and stealing... Ha! Lol...

Don't be betting against the Mack in a tractor pull against the both of you... Ha! Diff locks and power dividers and central locking, with those sized wheels? Not likely... Lol..


I already have a set of Kuhmo Tractor Ribb tyres and wheels to put on the Mack for extreme exploration up in the Gulf or whatever.. You cannot win... SO BET BIG!!!!

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Follow Up By: Turist - Thursday, Nov 02, 2006 at 03:36

Thursday, Nov 02, 2006 at 03:36
Just getting back to "Our" sort of vehicles and forgetting the military type re-badged Renaults, go to the Real Test
"Do It While You Can"
Nobody is getting any younger.

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Thursday, Nov 02, 2006 at 18:39

Thursday, Nov 02, 2006 at 18:39
Forget the Chevy Sponsored Propaganda Advertorials, they are selective in what Engine Mods they allow to enter... Chevy Owners are always pulling something alright, even more than a Schoolboy... Ha! Lol...

Our sort of trucks? You can try on my F-350 King Ranch if you like. Ordered with 440 HP and 5 speed Allison, it will get you a bit droopy... Ha! Lol.. 15,500 lb, 7000 kg towing, I can tow around a couple of Chevys legally. Ha...

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Follow Up By: Turist - Friday, Nov 03, 2006 at 17:50

Friday, Nov 03, 2006 at 17:50
That is interesting Steve, 440 horses, which motor is that?

And an Allison (G.M. owned) transmission in a Frod????????

"Do It While You Can"
Nobody is getting any younger.

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Friday, Nov 03, 2006 at 19:24

Friday, Nov 03, 2006 at 19:24
The engine is designed for Mods, mine was ordered with mods that boost the HP to that level on request, approved by the Dealer, even with an Extended Warranty. On Allison, Ford builds the Allison pattern now, bought from the Subsidiary of GM. This American built Ford, is the Number One truck in the world, in sales and longevity. This is the Number One Workhorse in the world for all "Super Duty" requirements, snow plows, ambulance, fire search and rescue, oil services, everything...

Your Chevy is a fine truck, number one for your category, of a retired Gentlemen that goes bush as well, and wants a luxury vehicle. Chevrolet has always been, the Gentlemens "town and country" vehicle. That is why it has a luxury car independent front suspension..

Dodge has a much lower output, and has always been a bit of a gourmet vehicle for some who want something different. But has never been in the majority of severe Duty Government and Military and Commercial work much, since the Power Wagon of the 1960's going back to the Power Wagon ammo carrier of WWII.

But Ford has always, for 40 years, from the F-250 and really starting with the Commercial Work horse F-350 "Super Duty" and F-450 and F-550, and the F-650 with the Catepillar/Allison, Ford has ALWAYS been the choice for Contractors, Government Service (out side of the Suburban town car 4x4 stationwagon) Ford has always been the choice for Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, Logging, Contractors, Oil Service, Alaskan Pipeline, and the like for heavy work, by about 80% of ALL applications: FORD. The proof is in the pudding, and the PowerStroke Diesels also carry all the records for longevity of engines, nearly double, like a million mile International Truck Engine, just what it is.

Now, stop being so defensive about you Chevrolet. You are a Gentleman, and you have a Gentlemans truck. Stop denegrating the worlds choice for Severe Duty, Super Duty, as when you say Frod, you are getting a bit nasty. The Brazilian Fords here are not the American Ford, but they are still the best economic choice for most Boggers that cannot afford a $130,000 full import Chevrolet, when a $65,000 Ford will do the job. I do not want to lower myself to use the labels they put on your Chevy in the States. So knock it off, as you take the fun out of it the Ford Chevy thing.

If you were to be thinking of doing a "Super Duty" job, with lightened spring packs for just the Bushtracker, yet air bag suspension over the top to pump up to be able to tow a 7000 kilo 36' to 38' Gooseneck sized horsefloat and accomodations, over rough terrain with 2.3 tonne in the bed, and you sat in a King Ranch Luxury Interior in the leather, whether you will admit it here or not, for such a Severe Duty application you would sing a different song.

For what you want to do, a town and country luxury vehicle, Chevrolet is the top choice. It has a lowered bonnet for visibility, and all the luxury appointments. Be happy, and take the nastiness out of your banter, or I will no longer respond. Be nice. The over all bulk of Bushtracker Owners want a vehicle with in country backup that is common for parts, will do the job, at about half the money. It is not a Frod, it is a Ford, even the Brazilian built one will do the job just fine.

Down to brass tacks, this is the bottom line of reality. My application is not 0-100, or luxury town car, mine is 7 tonne workhorse, solid monobeam front axle, and possibly water injection for cooling EGT so I can have a "Severe Duty" little Prime Mover with a turntable and Semi-sized Pantech 36-38' lone. This is a differnent category from your application, so get over it. Lighten up the banter so you don't take the fun out of it.

An Engineering Essay from the lone Ranger... Headed for an F-450 or larger in 2008 to take the place of the Mack yet still run around town. 38' 4 tonne Gooseneck, set up for 2 tonne of horses, ton of water, ton of tack and feed, ton of people cargo. Yes it is expensive, but not if the experiment makes the Mack redundant. This is Waaaay over the needs of almost all Boggers, but I am off blazing an new trail again...

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Reply By: Noosa Fox - Thursday, Nov 02, 2006 at 03:59

Thursday, Nov 02, 2006 at 03:59
Are you going to do a 0 to 100 challenge between the Chevy and Mack?

Enjoying the friendship of BOG members

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Reply By: Turist - Friday, Nov 03, 2006 at 20:59

Friday, Nov 03, 2006 at 20:59
Ah Steve, you’re listening to furphy’s again.
And what’s worse, you believe them.

The Ford 5 speed TorqShift auto transmission for the Ford heavy duty truck range is a Ford product, not licensed from Allison, not copied from the Allison, not sold by GM/Allison to Ford but designed and developed by Ford and manufactured by Ford.
(Although they did get the idea from the GM/Allison)

The Ford transmission is produced in the Sharonville Ohio plant.
Barb Samardzich, chief engineer, Automatic Transmissions, Ford Motor Company had great pleasure in announcing the development of this transmission as being a Ford design and development.
Now a Ford chief engineer would not tell fibs, would they Steve.

The Allison transmission has been the leader in heavy duty transmissions for so long that others like to relate their product to it hoping that it will give them some credence.

Looks like Ford may have a good box at last with this 5 speed auto incorporating grade braking.
Problem is it is short one gear and the primary gear train input shaft is around 40% smaller in diameter than the Allison.
So don’t use a chip that incorporates a torque converter lock or you may well shear it off with all that extra HP. (You must be using a chip or programmer to obtain the claimed HP)
Remember, converter slip is part of Ford’s design so as to protect the gearbox.
There are already many documented transmission failures resulting from locked up converters.

I trust that this clears up your misunderstanding, one that is shared by many.


"Do It While You Can"
Nobody is getting any younger.

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Friday, Nov 03, 2006 at 22:57

Friday, Nov 03, 2006 at 22:57
You must know more than the Ford Technicians. You go straighten them out.. All I know is what the Technicians say. Copyright, names, etcetera propaganda, supposedly it is an Allison pattern, they are just not allowed to say that. Regardless that transmission has been bulletproof with some Big Haulers.

As one Ford Techie said with 5900 + Postings in 2006 after three years of that transmission, on one Forum I attend: Quote "We have had virtually no problems with the torqueshift trans. they are pretty simple with electric solonoids that pretty much engage and disengage everything. either you have a solenoid that has failed or a hard part internally broke......but this is one of the first major problems i have heard of since the trans switch....."

One transmission in three years of countless numbers. there would be more Fords out there than Australians born.. You call it what ever you want. On one Forum, there were only 11 threads on the transmission out 3 years, most on performance shifting ideas, one possible failure. And in American, they tow bigger toy haulers than we do here. You call it what you like, I will stick with the Fords...
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