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Has anybody taken their BT to Fraser Island? I've been over there many times over the years with various tent or camper trailers options, but the largest van I have ever seen was about a 16' pop-top.

Do you think you could handle the soft sandy areas with a LC100 towing a 20' or 21' BT?
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Reply By: gottabjoaken - Sunday, Jan 28, 2007 at 21:53

Sunday, Jan 28, 2007 at 21:53
Good idea, if you are happy to take the chance of leaving it there!

Take it across the Simpson Desert first.

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Reply By: Bushtracker - Sunday, Jan 28, 2007 at 22:41

Sunday, Jan 28, 2007 at 22:41
Anything can run on the beach at low tide a Fraser... And you cannot go over dunes there anyway, they are all cut off. As to hard going places, it has all been Leftist civilized to where It is not any fun anymore. Wood padded roads, can't even go to Lake McKensie, anything can go to Fraser now, at low tide the beach is hardpack hiway and the rest is all regulated or cut off. They want to make it a Tourist bus only access place. My stretched Landcruiser retired there as a 10 Seater, I know some of what is going on there.

And "Got to be Jokin"... Many van have gone to Frazer, and few have crossed the Simpson as bedrooms for the cross Simpson bicycle races and such... But if I liked my Bushtracker I would not take it to the Simpson. I like my tow vehicle as well and I woud not punish it like that... Go out to Big Red, go a little of the French Line, go around to the north or to the south, but you would have to Hate you Bushtracker and you tow vehicle to subject it to attempting a full crossing... I love mine.

The same is true for Fraser, with all the salt and sand? Me personally I like my van too much. The last time I went to Fraser I left my van at Rainbow Beach and went on a day trip. No, I did not make it back on the planned one day trip, but a one room stay on the Island was not expensive. Doubt I will go back. Wouldn't take my BT there for Quids. But they have gone, some from the first week of brand new. You could do it, with the right tyres and tyre pressure, LC is a tractor in low range, even with a 20-21'... I know of 16' 18' 19' and 20' that have gone, but not me. I think my point is not if you could, but that I don't think I would...

Regards, Ranger.
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Follow Up By: TRAVLN - Sunday, Jan 28, 2007 at 23:39

Sunday, Jan 28, 2007 at 23:39
As I said, I have been over there many times!

Steve, I doubt anyone would have a problem at low tide on the hard packed sand as you say, the difficulty is getting to that hard packed sand! The beach access at Rainbow beach to get onto the ferry has about a 50m stretch of very deep soft sand, and this is the only area that I could forsee a problem. I have personally seen plenty of people get bogged there, even without towing anything, although never had a problem myself. I have a LC100 TD with diff locks f+r and tow a camper that weighs around 1.2t at the moment. Tyres down to 20psi allround including the trailer - no prob's. People who get stuck there usually picked the wrong gear, or didn't adjust tyre pressure, or didn't engage hubs etc etc. BUT, I am wondering if a 3.2t BT would be a different proposition? Tyres down to maybe 12-14psi all round, low range 2nd, diff locks on, I reckon I'd be OK, but wanted input from people who have done it?

With regards to salt and sand, I've always just washed everthing down with fresh water thoroughly at the earliest opportunity. Never had a problem with cars or vans or tents or any other gear if looked after properly.

Steve, thanks for the reply. Fraser is a favourite spot for our family, and we have been thinking about upgrading to a BT for quite a while. BUT, if we were told that it would be impossible to take our BT onto the island we would have reservations about the purchase - it is an annual destination for us and we would want to take our BT there when we purchase one.

Regards, Carl
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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Monday, Jan 29, 2007 at 06:12

Monday, Jan 29, 2007 at 06:12
I am going going to be Fair Dinkum here as much as is humanly possible... Now, I have had a few medicinal scotches, so I may be blunt here...

Fraser Island? That is not what Bushtracker was made for. Hell, buy a timeshare in the bloody resort or something out there.. Really! You might be a little off the track here, if your soul or sole reason for buy a Bushtracker, or even your main reason is Fraser Island.

These Boots were made for walkin.... Look, I could not justify such and expenditure of a Land Yacht built to last a lifetime for the sand of Fraser... Sorry.... In fact, I doubt you will even be able to camp on Fraser within 5 years. The greenies have so sown it up, only a regulated Tour Guide with Canberra Licences, and Aerial Photos of projected routes and ensueing Enviornmental Impact reports of tyre pressure gradients..... Will even be allowed on the island in the next 5 years...

The bloody greenies want to "Preserve" it totally away from us Australians, so it is saved just for close Airport transit for International Tourists to look at out of bus windows. Bushtracker is about getting away from all the Canberra over legislation that will probably spawn a cultural revolution to take back our country "FOR THE PEOPLE".

Alright, I have had my little rave, now back to reality.... If all you want is a little family camp on Fraser, I am not going to tell you Bushtracker is where it is at. That is not what the design is for.... How about that for Trust....

Bushtracker is more for long distance travel, self sufficiency, independence, and luxury anywhere in the Bush in remote regions. If you are just going to a regulated Greenie Park like Canberra Rangers to escort you through the gardens, you probably do not need a Bushtracker...

Kind Regards from a Friend....... lone Ranger will ride again..........
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Follow Up By: TRAVLN - Monday, Jan 29, 2007 at 20:30

Monday, Jan 29, 2007 at 20:30

I think you misunderstand where I am coming from - I do not want a BT just to take to Fraser - that it just one destination, and it happens to be an annual one for my family. So please don't think that is my 'sole' reason for considering your product!

As for buying a timeshare in the resort!!!! Mate you have no idea where I am at!! We camp on the beach, behind the first dunes. We are fully self sufficient for the 10 days or so we are there - we carry all our drinking water, fuel, food, shower, toilet etc with us, and we have noone else within cooee! (unless we have invited some friends who share our values).

So anyway, your first reply states that 'many have gone there', 'some from the first week of brand new', so I don't think I am alone in wanting to go there with a BT. If this is correct I am pleased to hear it - however I would still like to hear from anyone who has actually done it please.

Thanks for your thoughts, Carl.
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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Monday, Jan 29, 2007 at 20:56

Monday, Jan 29, 2007 at 20:56
Alright Carl,
You just put up with my sense of humour..... What threw me was the line of: "Fraser is a favourite spot for our family" and I took it to mean a major theme for your wanting a Bushtracker... Once a year is a different theme...

Over the years, I would have heard of maybe 10 going to Fraser, I just don't know of any in the B.O.G. off hand. Leave it run for awhile... As to these 50 metre soft spots, I have always done the huge run up and power on through these in a gear that does not run out of power. I think that is the secret, as you well know, in low range depending on the vehicle, probably second or third not to bog down and keep up the momentum and I do not think you will have too much of a problem... Some vehicles it could be second in high range or third in low range, from memory...

Personally I would carry a great huge aluminium Danforth Sand Anchor, incase I did get stuck. I would also leave a lead rope on the bottom of it, so I could pull it out in reverse when it is buried... Then send me a picture of the anchor on the front of the Bullbar, a real Land Yacht. If I was doing much beach work, this is what I would travel with. I always fear people would rather be entertained watching you founder.... And prefer to be independent just in case. I almost lost it with a Cruiser hitting quicksand on a beach up north, all alone.... Drove across a quicksand creek and lost it to the running boards... Pulled mangroves with the winch, nothing solid to winch to, then realized I was below the high tide mark on a deserted beach up north in 1988... Big Panic!!! I ended up getting out with a Hi-Lift jack, jacking driftwood down deep enough to hit a firm bottom, and then doing one corner at a time filling the holes with mangrove and driftwood, to finally drive out without losing the rig... SCARY....

Anyway, good luck finding a Bogger that has been to Fraser. Hope there is one here.
Regards, Ranger, back at work, but hugging a pillow...
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Reply By: Spirit Gypsys - Wednesday, Jan 31, 2007 at 08:51

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2007 at 08:51
Not me , No way am I going to risk my $85k BT on any beach where the tide can come in on it.
I might get it sand bogged on a foreshore but it will never - ever- ever be below high tide mark.
I've seen too many vehicles that weren't as lucky as the Lone Ranger was and a lot of them were on that "yeah- She'll be right mate. There's no soft patches on this beach."
The only way to get a beach bogged 3+ tonne BT out would be to wait for the tide to come in and float it out on a long rope.

That's the sort of thought that nightmares are made of.

Stick to the tent for the beach is my thoughts.
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Reply By: Spirit Gypsys - Wednesday, Jan 31, 2007 at 08:53

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2007 at 08:53
I reckon you would be a dead cert for "Rejectected Insurance Claim of THe Year"
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