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Please take note that for the first time, we are behind and in real trouble with our Schedule for get the vans down to the Melbourne Show next month, and the Sydney Show the month after that... This is a fixed scedule of trucking, and cannot be varied in the Show Season.

We have two big repair jobs from different parts of Australia of Hail damage, both of which have had to be delayed... We have also had to put off several other very important jobs as we are just too far behind, working to fixed trucking dates.. We cannot take on any additional service, or additions, or renovations, or anything over the next couple of months until we sort this out.

I am sorry, but this is just the way it is. Two people have already been very disappointed that we could attend to their special needs... Sorry, we are doing all we can. . We have had a few illnesses among the Staff, it is just bad luck...

Why don't I hire more people??? I would like to... We even have four advertisements running this Saturday, and are having to consider Recruiting in other cities.. We are doing all we can, and cannot do any more, working overtime right now to catch up...

Regards, Ranger...

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Reply By: BushBoss - Saturday, Feb 17, 2007 at 05:40

Saturday, Feb 17, 2007 at 05:40
Hi Steve.
i appologize upfront if i sound annoyed and disappointed. Its because i am. I am probably one of those hail repair jobs.
An overview.
12 months ago we purchased a second hand BT to try before outlaying on a new one. On 8th Nov 2006 our van was damaged by hail at Noosa. After contacting our insurance we rang Bushtracker and took the van in the next morning for an assessment and quote. You were there at the time. I was advised at the time that the repair work could not be done until the new year and if we couldnt wait there were other repairers that could do the work.
I wanted BT to do the repairs so i said that i would wait.
After the insurance company gave the go ahead i rang to book in a time. I was told that it could not be started until the 12th February. We were due to go on holidays at that time but i said that would be fine and we changed our plans and went on holidays early february returning in time to get the van in before 7am as requested on the 12th.
On our return from holidays ther was a message on the phone that you could get the van in a couple of days earlier. As it was Sunday when we got the message we were unable to do this.
I took the van in on the 12th as requested before 7am and went over the list as well as some extras we required. I was told that BT now could not start on the van until Wed .
There was about a weeks work but because i was flexible with timeframes it may be moved to one side to complete something else but would be finished by the end of March.
That was fine by me as we are about to embark on a 3 month trip up north commencing just after easter. On Friday i rang the office to confirm the progress as i wanted to check out the repairs and give the go ahead on the extras we required as well as get prices on updating to a new van.
I eventually spoke to the workshop and was informed that BT could not repair my van until end of June.... What another 5 months as well as the 3 i have already waited. I couldnt believe it. No one had contacted me. I rang the office. The insurance assessor was informed that the van would be ready to inspect on the Wed. It took us quite some time to strip prior to coming in for repairs. It was suggested that a couple of items could be fixed then i could go on our trip or take it to someone else to repair.
Two things i consider when i buy anything including a caravan. I want a good product but i also like to know that there is after sales service and customer service.
It appears to me that BT wants to build the vans but not service them. I am very dissallusioned and upset. If i had been contacted and told ther would be a delay of 4 or 6 weeks i could accept that as i realise that the shows are a priority and staffing issues are a never ending saga. But the end of June..... What happens if you get heaps of orders at the shows ? Will i be put off again in the hope i will get fed up and go elsewhere. Since buying a BT and joining the BOG i agree that your company has a great product and i read the assistance you give people on this site ...but hey i am also a customer and owner and dont believe that this situation has benn handled well.

Once again, sorry for the waffle...iam just ????????

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Follow Up By:- Saturday, Feb 17, 2007 at 21:45

Saturday, Feb 17, 2007 at 21:45
WE are in the planning stages of a BT
have beet to the factory and met with Steve.
based on the above i would hope that what i heard was not just "Spin Doctoring"

mark and prue
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Follow Up By: Grumblebum & Dragon - Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 05:46

Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 05:46
We collected on June 1/05 and have been travelling full time ever since. On the very few occassions that I have called the factory for odds and sods like new hatch for the toilet after I cracked ours in a car wash place - another time for a replacement cupboard hinge... or others just for advice to query things.

Without exception the response has been fantastic. I have also seen on these forums the response to other peoples emergeny needs - supply of pivot blocks and batteries out in Woop Woop and such like. Again, they go out of their way to assist.

I have been in industy and farming and know what customer service needs to be like (but often isn't!) and I believe BTi should be the benchmark.

Check the other forums, note how many other MD's spend so little (if any) time on the Owners Forums of the vans updating owners on the latest R&D results - Tips and one-on-one assistance etc.

Steve may not be everyone 'cup of tea' I have heard comment like "Arrogant bugger'
I prefer 'Knowledgable bugger' he is not often wrong.... and he like dogs!

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 19:08

Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 19:08
This company is Number One, not only for the Product, but exactly for our aftermarket Service.... We usually drop what we are doing and pull the manpower to help everyone, that not on have Booked for repairs or modifications, but even for the ones that just blow in and appear on our doorstep.... Usually for just "one little thing" and while they are there, "just a couple of more" and "could you take a look at this"....

By far and away most are appreciative of our efforts. But this time, we have been good Guys a little too much, with scheduled work and people just dropping in after the Holidays on their way home, and with a few out sick and a couple off on extended holiday and a number of other things, and we are behind right now. Tracy is in charge of the Schedule and he has drawn the line.... If we are at fault it is because we possibly took on too much after the Holidays, trying to help EVERYONE...

Trucking to the Shows is a fixed schedule that CANNOT BE VARIED... And the Shows cost a fortune, AND WE CANNOT DELAY THEM EITHER.... And these schedules cannot be changed... This is a temporary problem, our own fault, probably from being too nice and taking care of everybody... As each one drops by, their own personal problems are the most important thing in the world, and their own schedule is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in the world...

Well we are up against a HUGE and FINITE and IMMOVABLE schedule in the next eight weeks, and are behind. TOO SURVIVE, Tracy has drawn the line, we just cannot take on any more outside work, until we get through this.....

Sorry we have some disappointed people.... We have another second hand Bushtracker Owner very upset with us as well. This person thinks that just because they bought a secondhand Bushtracker, they can bully us into dropping everything we are doing to take care of them, because their problems are the most important in the world... Even though we referred them to a good repairer that can take care of their relatively minot problem... Sometimes people are disappointed but needing outside work done that could be done by others or done later, is just going to have to wait until we are through this crisis...

Best Regards from the Ranger
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Reply By: CD & JW - Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 05:40

Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 05:40
How pleasing to see such an open disclosure of the situation at Bushtracker at the moment.
I don’t know the full story of course, but especially with a small company these sort of problems can happen from time to time. Yes there will always be someone who has a bad experience, but it seems and I believe Steve would agree that the only part of the above story which was avoidable was that Bushtracker apparently did not keep in touch with Lance about the escalating delay (and I would certainly get a rap over the knuckles at work if I did that to our clients). From what we have read and from our experiences so far we are not put off in any way by the delays reported on the blog. Our minds are not quite made up but we will have a factory visit in March. For a few years now we have been researching and planning an upgrade to our old faithful off road pop-top in which we have done many wonderful family trips (including the Gibb River road). Just hang in there Mark and Prue and watch for updates on the situation.

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 19:15

Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 19:15
Hello C& J
Please read my follow up and disclosure above...

Look, this is only a temporary problem as we have fixed Trucking dates to the Shows which cannot be varied in the next two months.... Part of the reason we are behind is by being too nice of Guys, and even taking care of the blow ins that just rock up and want a few little things done or a few little modifications or a lttile more gear, and could you please give us a Webasto Heater as we are going south for the winter... This kind of thing after the Holiday, we might have been tooooo nice to toooo many, and we are in trouble with our fixed Trucking Dates and Schedule at the Shows...

These Shows are very important, cost about $20,000 each, and we cannot miss them. They are also Owners Vans we are Delivering for the most part, we just do not have ANY OPTIONS.... This is just a temporary bottleneck... If anything we are fault for taking too good of care of too many people on their way home from the Holidays.... Each one of these people have VERY IMPORTANT SCHEDULES!!!! And if you could please just add one of those, we are headed south for the winter and we would be soo so appreciative if you could ........ And we do, and we did, and now we have our own schedule in a bit of a pickle and have to dig our way out for the Show Season... OK?

Regards from the Ranger, sometimes taking care of too many people...
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Reply By: BushBoss - Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 21:50

Sunday, Feb 18, 2007 at 21:50
Hi Steve
i,ve calmed down since Friday. I do fully understand and agree that the shows are your top priority right now. I said that in my previous correspondence. My problem is that you are talking 8 weeks to resolve this scheduling problem but i have been told that my insurance work cant be done until the end of June (thats 16 weeks on my calculations) This is why i was so annoyed. I just want a fair go. I havent blown in after work expecting you to drop all and attend to my needs.
The facts are:
8th Nov 2006 i rang BT to arrange a quote on hail damage. I was asked to be in before 7am on the 9th which i was.
When the quote was accepted by the insurance company i rang BT to book in a time to do the work.(nov 2006)
12TH Feb 2007 was the time allocated by BT.Completly striped the van prior to taking to BT. Arrived at 6.45 on the 12th. Was told couldnt start until Wed and was about a weeks work but as i didnt need the van until the end of march the job may be moved aside to complete more urgent work. That was fine by me.
16th rang BT to give go ahead on extras required as well as a check on progress as the insurance assessor had been notified that the van would be ready for inspection on the Wednesday.
I was then told that the van could not be repaired until end of June 2007. I was flabagasted.
These things happen. I am a realist. My point is that the van has been in the yard for over a week and nobody contacted me and when i did finally find out no alternative date was discussed It was end of June 2007 or take it to another repairer. Too open ended considering you are saying 8 weeks.
Any way tomorrow i will ring the office and make an appointment to speak to Tracy .
Some Positives:
BT make a unique product. No dispute. I dont believe that just anyone can repair them to the same level of quality as you make them.(AS PER PREVIOUS POSTS)
BT workshop foreman Wayne is a fantastic person to deal with. Always so helpful and accomodating and i realise his instructions come from company decisions.
Your assistance to everyone on this site is invaluable.
You spoke the other day on this site about an inspection service. Great idea. I think that BT needs to go one step further and set up a completly separate repairs, modifications, service and inspection section which would not interfere with the production side. Maybe a trial run . As more BT are being built the numbers of second hand ones are increasing . Knowing that there is a backup service for second hand purchasers keeps the prices up on these units and allows original owners to then upgrade.
These are my thoughts and i dont know if it is at all feasible.

Regards Lance

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Monday, Feb 19, 2007 at 19:56

Monday, Feb 19, 2007 at 19:56
Tracy is here, sitting in my office, and we are trying to resolve all of the these kind of problems with scheduling to see what we can do..

First of all, you were told we would TRY and fit you in.... Initially Tracy says: "When you first came in here, we told you up front, that it might be May before we could get it done, but we would see what we could do..." Wayne was in on that conversation and has also verified this.. Tracy had just verified this with Wayne as well, and we want to protray it correctly in all fairness.. Well, we CANNOT do it right now... Not that we would not like to, we just cannot get to it until probably June. You see, we have one more Show, and possibly the most important one, in June... We don't want any more panic attacks.....

Secondly, this is hail damage, and not even that noticable, and the van is fine to use. I am sorry you had to unpack it, but we have just had to cancel everything and attend to our immediate needs to survive. You are free to come pick up the van and use it until we can get to it in May or June... That is what I would suggest you do. I am sorry you had to unload the van, but how bad our schedule looked was unforseen at the time..

This is really a low priority issue, on the larger scheme of things, and it will not hurt to use the van for the next few months or even longer. Your insurance will stay intact, and the job is just delayed until it is convenient for you to bring it back in to us after you use it for awhile.... GO ON A TRIP, if we fixed it now, the Humour God would have it hail on it again or a tree branch fall on it anyway... (just kidding) ...

Please come and pick it up.... And after your next trip we can reschedule the job...

Regards, lone Ranger, stuck in between the rock and a hard place....
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Reply By: BushBoss - Tuesday, Feb 20, 2007 at 05:10

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2007 at 05:10
contacted Tracy today. Had my say even though we did not agree on all the detail. In the overall scheme of things i agree it is not a high priority. Life goes on. I'm all worded out...
I'll arrange to collect my van and hope a new window of opportunity may appear before the end of June.

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Follow Up By: Bushtracker - Tuesday, Feb 20, 2007 at 18:22

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2007 at 18:22
Thank you Lance,
Notify your Insurance... Go ahead and use it, pay no attention to the subtle little hail dings... Be happy! And we will make every endeavour to fix it at the earliest window of opportunity that suits you..

I have a few little dings on my van too, but you can't see them from the inside. I like to think of them as battle scars to be proud of. In truth, I cannot see any reason to fix them until I get ready to sell it...

Cheers, Ranger
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