Hayman Reese WDB problems

Submitted: Saturday, Feb 23, 2008 at 02:35
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Hi All,

We have just started to get problems with the weight distribution bars falling off when we make a tight right-hand turn.

Its not a major problem, jist a nuisance. I found that by increasing the tension by one link, that this reduced the fall-off frequency.
Its only a problem when we do a tight right hand turn. I haven't checked to see if the same happens on a tight left hand turn.

I always grease the WDB's each time we hook-up. There is wear on the holes on the hitch, that I would assume normal after four years and about 75,000km.

I guess the HR weight distribution gear has a 'life' & maybe mine is getting towards ita use-by-date?

Any advice would be appreciated

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Reply By: Tellem Bugrem - Saturday, Feb 23, 2008 at 02:46

Saturday, Feb 23, 2008 at 02:46
G'day Neil,

Mine were getting worn on both lugs and on the holes they fit into on the hitch. Have had them built up by "hard face" welding to as near as possible to original shape. Won't know the results until we leave for WA at end of March....will let you know later.

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Reply By: BushBoss - Sunday, Feb 24, 2008 at 00:27

Sunday, Feb 24, 2008 at 00:27
Hi Neil,
its hard to determine without actually seeing however i can relay some of my experiences and information gained. Firstly the wear on the holes. According to HR this is normal and has no affect on performance. In saying that everything has a life span. Check with a HR distributor before replacing or renewing. When hooked up there should always be a minimum of 4 working chain links remaining at the end of the spring bar to the frame bracket. (also make sure when connected the links are vertical on the snap up bracket)The reason for this is when cornering the bars move back along the a frame and if not enough links can pull the snap up bracket along the a frame. If the bracket is restricted or done up extremely tight then what happens is that the bar will move upwards and the links can then come off the bracket. That is why you should always have a minimum of 4 working links. If you are unable to get a min of 4 then rotate the cam locks and tilt the head downwards until you can get a min of 4. Due to your wear and tear the min links may have diminished. Also the hitch does not have to be vertical. When you make this adjustment there should also be a min working height from the ground to the bottom of the spring bars. About 125mm i think from memory. Check with HR. I also remove the bars prior to reversing into tight spots around corners like in caravan parks where the angles can be extreme. Try for yourself. Hook up as usual and get someone to do a tight turn in the car. You will see the bars move back and maybe come off as they move upwards also especially if the bracket cant move. In some situations the bars also hit the a frame as they move. It also depends on the model of WDH. You may have an earlier version of hitch without the cam locks. I hope this sheds some light. If not give me a call on 0428938226.

Regards Lance
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Reply By: Boystoy - Tuesday, Feb 26, 2008 at 03:22

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2008 at 03:22
Thanks Rob & Lance,

Have been out of communications for a couple of days.

Have checked vertical alignment of chains - OK.

Have checked number of chain links 4 loose & 6 under tension.

Still comes off ---- Dunno!

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Follow Up By: The paca people - Thursday, Feb 28, 2008 at 08:17

Thursday, Feb 28, 2008 at 08:17
Hi Neil,

Sorry, but suggest you go back to Square One

The correct set up requires one to first set the tow vehicle and van on a nice flat surface - try a big carpark.

Measure from ground to underside of all 4 car mudguards and write it down ! Get the van up close to the car tow hitch; wind the van jockey wheel up/down to get the A frame/van floor dead horizontal with a spirit level; if the vertical height of the vehicle's tow ball/AT35 receiver is not spot-on with the tow ball socket/AT35 "nose" on the van then adjust the height of vehicle side of tow hitch to suit .
In the event of a huge non-alignment problem, consider inverting the van side hitch from over the BT plate to under [or vice versa depending on your van and car].

Then couple up van to car. Re measure the 4 height from ground to underside of car's mudguards - write these down too.

Now fit your WDH bars with whatever number of links sems "äbout right" - i.e you can get the set-up in place without busting either your gut or the WDH !
Measure the 4 mudguard heights again.
Look at the sets of heights you have recorded and sit down and work our whether you need more grunt i.e. less links between HR bar and the van's holder "clip" or more to get the tow vehicle's heights back within say 2 mm of the heights measured before you coupled van to tow vehicle. It is probably more important to get the front wheel mudguards down to the un-coupled heights to ensure that the car's steering system works as originally intended by the car manufacturer than to get the rear heights back to un-coupled height.

Re-try with more/less links as determind BUT if you think/require less than 5 links then you will need to re-set the angle of the adjustable assembly carrying the towball/AT35 receiver on the vehicle side to allow the required number of links.

Our HR receiver assembly is an old style [Canadian manuf ?] without the adjustable multi-sided plate provided on the current Aust manuf HR hitches. I had an engineering shop slot the top holes in the towball mounting plate and used a set of steel wedges to rotate the towball mounting plate back sufficient to allow me 6 links between HR bar and the van's holder clip [ I prefer 6 links to give sufficient "play" in the set-up as we tend to go to all sorts of extreme places for "freecamping". In addition I have replaced the AT35 hitch with a Hyland ball type [with full 360 degree swivel axially and about +/- 50 degrees swivel in the cross direction] BUT that does not effect the correct method of setting up the HR WDH.

Personally I would not take my 18' on or off the highway without the WDH but make a point of taking it off for extreme parking manoevures and car-to-van angles of 60 degrees or more.

Hope this helps but if you have any further queries please feel free to email me at martinchristine@bigpond.com

Cheers from Martin B. currently at Crayfish Cove, Tasmania.
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