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Double Crochet Stitch
• Yarn over, then insert your crochet hook into the center of your next working chain. ...
• Yarn over and pull through two of the loops on your hook, leaving two loops on your hook.
• Yarn over again and pull through both loops on your hook, leaving just one loop.

Caste first loop, chain 16; double crochet into 3rd chain from hook and continue double crochet into chain for 15 chains. Break off yarn (I call these pieces “worms”)
Make 5 worms in contrast colour
Make 5 worms in base colour – do not break off yarn on fifth worm.
Join into top of contrast worm by 3 sc across top
Keep joining in contrast worms (first at back, second at front, etc.) and continue to last dc; 3 sc into last dc; 2 sc along edge on contrast worm
Take next contrast worm; 3 sc into next 3 dc on base colour worm
3 sc into corner dc, 2 sc
Now the fun bit – weave base colour worms; 3 sc into next 3 dc; 2 sc into each corner; slip stitch into original 3 sc; turn; 1 ch; 3 sc into corner; continue sc around all edges with 3 sc into each corner; slip stich into original corner; fasten off.

Use darning needle to weave end tails into crochet. The contrast tails can be used to neaten.

Note: Keep worms curling the same direction for a smoother finish

GOOGLE crochet + weave + blanket; and you will see some good photos of this square. Note - it is NOT the "blanket stitch" used in crochet.
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