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MEG & Capt Norty

Last night Julie and Ian conducted TRIVIA NIGHT. I kid you not….one of the questions: what was the name of the street the Streaky Bay Council tried to change, but was resisted by the locals……Love Shack Route………..As you can imagine every street sign has been pinched, so the locals in the street now put the name on their homes, and Council has given up trying to replace the signs.

This morning was to be our breakfast by the Bay. However, due to inclement weather, a scrumptious breakfast was served on site. Bacon, eggs, sausages, baked beans and toast, washed down with OJ and champagne. Full marks to chief cook Bato for presenting me with a really runny egg, just the way I like it.

AGM - In his absence, due to a back operation, President Greg Trent's report was read, and it revealed another successful year.
Retiring Committee: President Greg Trent; Catering Ann Breeze; Treasurer Ian Edenborough
2018-2019 COMMITTEE:
President - Murray Woolnough
V. Pres - Noel Flavell
Treasurer - Denice McKinlay
Secretary - Sue Platt
Committee: Geoff Prosser; Helen Stone; John Trevenar; Peter Nalder

Pam Stanley has graciously consented to continue to look after membership. Pam and Chris were apologies for this AGM. They had intended to attend, left Sydney, and got up to Cairns, then in the middle of outback Qld coming to SA, their new batteries died : DEAD DEAD. Back up to Qld to kick start the new batteries, only to find that they were DEAD. They got back to Sydney, and decided to not tempt fate further and stayed home.


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