Friday, Sep 21, 2018 at 14:50

MEG & Capt Norty

Last night we were entertained around the camp fire with many a tale of woe with POOR DUMB BASTARD AWARDS, and SPIT THE DUMMY. In addition, there was a new category - WHO GOT BOOKED FOR SPEEDING. Visiting Police had the speed camera out, and caught three Boggers speeding, yesterday, as they drove into town. These guys will remain nameless - but just check out the photos !! Two were giving warnings, but one was fined.

This morning we woke to a beautiful sunny day, which bode well for the MARKET DAY and SAUSAGE SIZZLE. Heather had distributed posters around town, and we were rewarded with a number of locals coming out to buy and sell. As usual the NEWBIES valiantly went to work, cooking sausages and onions, and taking the money. I told them that they were doing a good job, and next year they would not be newbies, so would not have to slave.

It is nearing the end of the Muster, and tonight we let our hair down, don red and stripes, and enjoy being waited on.


Margaret & Norton
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