2019 Atherton Tablelands Mini Muster

Sunday, May 05, 2019 at 23:23

c u in oz

10 BT'S attended = 20 attendee's. A lovely happy atmosphere. Day 1 we all attended Yungburra Pub for our evening meal. Day 2 consisted of Jam & Cream with a scone at the Nerada Tea factory. Thrilled by the presence of two Lumholtz’s Tree-kangaroo’s in the nearby tree canopy. Day three - we left camp at 8 am in a convoy of vehicles with our first stop at Mt Hypipamee Crater where we experienced a beautiful walk through the rainforest, with morning tea after our walk. Then it was a drive to find McKenzie Falls with Alf leading us down a wet muddy slippery track requiring low range 4wd to get through. From McKenzie Falls we made our way to Millaa Millaa Falls Tea House for lunch. Alf was lead driver with Lesley as the rear seat navigator and yes there were a couple of U turns adding to the fun. Return to camp ranged from 3.30 to 4.30 pm, a day full of pleasurable scenery and lots of fun. Day four – we left camp at 7.50am in a convoy of vehicles to Lake Barrine for a morning cruise on the lake, followed by a delicious breakfast in Lake Barrine Tea House. After breakfast we drove to Gillies Lookout with some more low range 4wd action along the track to the lookout. Gillies lookout provided magnificent views wowing one’s senses. Next it was a drive around Lake Tinaroo starting at the 500-year-old Cathedral Fig Tree. Cathedral Fig Tree was the setting for a new challenge to all BOG-ERS aspiring to model stardom. We viewed many beautiful campgrounds located around Lake Tinaroo and the overflowing dam wall. Our final stop for the day was at boggers SMICK home who provided a yummy afternoon tea. Return to camp around 5 pm. Another great day. Day five – A free day. Some tested their skills with hand and eye coordination with SMICK’S bow and arrow. There were the birding opportunities in the nearby rain forest. Alf provided crabs for nibbles/tea. Farmer Ron Bonodio provided freshly picked maize, for Bog-ers to act as test dummies for the recently grown stock feed. Day six – continued with what appeared to becoming our theme – a food feast - started with a satisfying group breakfast in the camp kitchen. We did have a couple of backpackers who we invited to join us for breakfast which seemed to bide well displaying Australian hospitality to our French and German visitors. It was a show and tell day where we moved about in a pack formation inspecting one another’s rigs and innovations. Evening meal at Obi’s Restaurant in Yungaburra provided exquisite food. Day seven – was a nice relaxing day with some chatter, a bit of bird/platypus spotting in the Barron River near the camp ground and time spent rebooting our weary bodies. We had our final happy hour enjoying a camp fire. It was a BYO dinner in the camp kitchen with a surprise offering of sweets consisting of apple pie, strawberries, banana, raspberries, cream and ice-cream provided by a couple of our BOG-ERS as a thank you for a well organised week structured by Alf, Lesley, Michael and Sue. It was a wonderful atmosphere with everyone having a wow of a time. Day eight most BOG-ERS moved on to new adventures. [gi]165789,250,175,[Image cannot be loaded] L[/gi][gi]165790,250,175,[gi]165796,250,175,[Image cannot be loaded]L[/gi]L[/gi][gi]165791,250,175,[gi]165792,250,175,L[/gi]L[/gi]


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