Engine-Bay Bread

Preparation Time: 1 hr 20 mins
Cooking Time: 30 mins
Category: Breads, Scones & Pastries
Tags: Breads, Scones & Pastries, Camp Oven


Bread made with yeast keeps considerably fresher and doesn't take on the rock solid texture of damper when eaten the next day for sandwiches. You'll need to make this bread immediately after you've stopped your vehicle after a day's drive as you'll use the warm engine bay to help the dough to prove before baking in your camp oven.


  • 1 box/pkt of regular bread mix used for bread machines
  • Yeast as per packet instructions
  • Oil & water as per pkt instructions


  • Step 1Prepare dough as per first step of pkt instructions
  • Step 2Knead for 10 minutes on a floured bench
  • Step 3Place dough into a large stainless bowl and cover it with a damp teatowel and put under the hood of your 4WD whilst it is still warm after the day's drive.
  • Step 4Leave to prove for about an hour
  • Step 5Meanwhile prepare a campfire so that you have plenty of coals (may take about an hour)
  • Step 6When dough has proved (dough should have doubled in size) it is ready to be baked. Transfer dough to a camp oven that has been dusted with reserved bread flour (or other flour).
  • Step 7Use coals beneath and on top of camp oven - being careful not to use too much or it will burn. Cooking time approx 30 minutes
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